Welcome to the Shambles Theatre Blog!

Our aim is to make Shambles an artistic collective, a place where we can use all our crazy creative ideas to explore the things that matter to us.

We want to instigate conversation, passion and ultimately spread love and acceptance. Whether this is through hard-hitting, issue based theatre or just some adorable photos of our dog Jack-Jack, we encourage feedback, involvement and most importantly enjoyment.

Selfishly, it also gives us an outlet for our creativity while we work our multiple ‘resting jobs’ and write endless funding application forms. This blog will be an honest account of a graduate company’s first venture into the industry, we hope you enjoy the ups, down’s and utter ridiculousness we somehow gravitate towards.   Shambles by name, Shambles by nature!

As always please get in touch if you have any ideas for collaborations or any advice for us (we are always keen to meet other creatives for a cup of tea!)

Lynne x