Lynne Jefferies · Artistic Director

Actor · Writer · Director

Originally from Scotland, Lynne’s interests include all animals, photography, fashion, old books, internet humour, smashing the patriarchy and drag queens. Lynne looks forward to a time where she no longer writes her own biographies.


Aaron Baker · Co-Creator

Actor · Director · Movement Man

A Somerset farm boy lost in London, searching for the miraculous horse his Father sold to the War…wait that’s Warhorse. Aaron’s just another actor in London, he does have a farm though! When he isn’t singing show tunes,  Aaron can be found devouring chicken wings with no care for dining formalities. 


Jack Jack 

Official Mascot

Head of 'food that falls on the floor' and cuddles. 


In Memoriam of Peter Rabbit

Original Mascot, Destroyer of everyting, Star of Rabbit Heart and the best bunny ever.

Gone but not forgotten